Variable Geometer System
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Variable Geometer System
    Turbo with a changeable cross section is a novel turbo system which can make good response to any range of the engine rotation and has the advantages of clean gas emission and higher fuel efficiency. The adjustable system is specially designed for RHF and RHG series, and it has turbo rotors and changeable nozzle blades. This turbo can optimize turbine capacity by changing angles of the nozzle blades. Bearing shells and compressor casings used by RHF and RHG series are same with those of ordinary turbo. Compared with ordinary turbo with air valves, this turbo is superior in higher technical contents and long service life.
Working Principles£ºbased on the ordinary turbo system, an adjusting mechanism for guiding blades of turbo is added, an electrical control unit or a vacuum regulating valve is used to control angles of the guiding blades. Under a low speed condition, angles of the guiding blades are reduced to increase rotating speeds of the turbo and slow down delay of the turbo. Under a high speed condition, the guiding blades are opened to enlarge the contact with the air and substantially raise the boosting value, thus to gain greater power and torsion output.

¡¤Compared with traditional turbo, the turbo with changeable cross section has more rapid effect and more sensitive response, and greatly improves the response time and accelerating capability under low rotating speed conditions;
¡¤The angles of the nozzle blades are changed to realize the aim of changing through-flow cross section of the turbo, thereby improving the matching performance between the turbo and the engine and producing a wider range of torsion output platform;
¡¤Proper flow rate and high pressure boosting efficiency can be provided within the whole range of rotating speeds of the engine. In particular, a high pressure boosting effect can be produced under the condition of low rotating speeds, thereby making the torsion curve gentle, reducing flow resistance loss and improving power output.
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